Jamawar is a regal weave for some. The definition of exquisiteness for others. For me, Jamawar is an emotion. It is nostalgia. It is reliving all the days that brought me a little closer to honouring my roots.

Just like every toddler, I grew up seeing my mother draping the finest sarees. One of her treasures that spellbound me was the eternal Jamawar. Enchanted by its palette & poise, my love for these handwoven masterpieces kept growing fonder. To an extent that I draped one of my mother's Jamawars for my class 12 farewell at Welham!

A lot has not changed since then. My adoration became my muse to curate "Noor" - a collection of enthralling katan silk beauties inspired by the legacy of Jamawar. The perfect embodiment of passionate craftsmanship, minute detailing & centuries of traditions, every piece, standing true to the collection name is synonymous with divine light.

Exclusively practiced, the glorious motifs on Noor sarees can be handwoven to life only by the finest weavers. And I am grateful to have an opportunity to guard this dying art whilst empowering the unsung makers behind it.

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